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We have removed some groups from the search (on this website). We are repeatedly getting threats of this website being taken down due to DMCA Take down notices. Even when there is no illegal content hosted oh this site (

We do not condone the illegal distribution of content that you do not own/have not licensed. And because we do not support this behavior, we will remove the groups (see list below) from this site. We are also taking steps to clean up the groups, but we are a group of volunteers with limited time on our hands. We are cleaning the groups one by one (removing works from the complaining publisher only) and looking into a long term solution. This however, is a VERY slow process because each group has to be manually checked and there are thousands of files. We can make mistakes and miss a file or two. (Please report it).

What are your options:

  • Check in the official UNISA Forums (yes, it is sometimes worth it… just try)
  • Ask friends for links (Do not ask for WhatsApp links in the Telegram groups, it will get you banned – rather Search using the UnisaGroupsBot
  • Wait… we will get to your group at some point… but it can take months…

Tip: Dont forget that Joining groups using UnisaGroupsBot is easy and convenient. (If you want to search the other groups obviously)

Here is a comprehensive list of all the modules that are not currently available. We will update here as each group becomes available again.

AED3701Disabled, cleaned
CMY2603Disabled, cleaned
CUS3701Disabled, cleaned
ECS1601Disabled, cleaned
ECS2605Disabled, cleaned
EDDHODJDisabled, cleaned
EED2601Disabled, cleaned
ENG1516Disabled, cleaned
ENG1517Disabled, cleaned
ETH305VDisabled, cleaned
FIN2603Disabled, cleaned
FMT3701Disabled, cleaned
GGH3705Disabled, cleaned
HBEDSSCDisabled, cleaned
HMCMY80Disabled, cleaned
HRCMY81Disabled, cleaned
HRENV80Disabled, cleaned
HRIOP86Disabled, cleaned
HRPTH85Disabled, cleaned
HSE2601Disabled, cleaned
INS2602Disabled, cleaned
IOP4861Disabled, cleaned
LRM2601Disabled, cleaned
LRM3702Disabled, cleaned
MNE2601Disabled, cleaned
MNP2601Disabled, cleaned
PCF4099Disabled, cleaned
PLC2602Disabled, cleaned
SCH4801Disabled, cleaned
TAM2601Disabled, cleaned
TMS3703Disabled, cleaned
TRL2604Disabled, cleaned
ETP3701Disabled, cleaned
ETP3702Disabled, cleaned
ETP3703Disabled, cleaned
HRM2604Disabled, cleaned

As always, happy studying!

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