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Optimizing Telegram: Smart Strategies to Saving Data Usage


As Telegram continues to grow in popularity, it’s essential for students to know how to save data usage costs effectively. With the increase in digital communication, especially among student groups, knowing how to optimize Telegram can save significant data and storage space on your device. Here’s a guide on saving data on Telegram.

1. Limiting Media Auto-Download

One of the most effective ways to saving data is by controlling the auto-download feature. Telegram, by default, sets media files like photos and videos to auto-download. This is especially data-consuming in busy group chats. You can adjust these settings in the ‘Data and Storage’ section of the app. For Android, access this via the menu on the top right, and for iPhone, it’s under ‘Settings’ at the bottom right. Customize the auto-download settings according to your preference for different network types (Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Roaming)​​​

2. Adjust Video Call Quality

Video calls can consume a large amount of data, particularly if they are in high definition. Consider reducing the video quality during calls to be saving data. You can adjust this setting during a call by tapping on the settings or the three dots icon, then choosing ‘Video Quality’ and selecting a lower resolution​

3. Enable Low Data Usage for Voice Calls

For voice calls, Telegram offers a ‘Low Data Usage’ mode that compresses audio to conserve data. You can find this option in the ‘Call Settings’ under ‘Data and Storage’ for both Android and iPhone​

4. Implement Platform-Specific Tips

For Android users, restrict background data for Telegram in your phone settings. iPhone users can turn off ‘Background App Refresh’ for saving data.​


Note: These instructions are a guideline. They could be slightly different based on your device (Android / iOS / PC)


Managing your data on Telegram is crucial, especially for students who rely heavily on digital communication. By implementing these tips, you can ensure that you’re using Telegram efficiently, without worrying about excessive data consumption. Remember to periodically review and adjust your settings to keep your data usage optimized.

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