UnisaGroups Rules

Please note that the rules can change at any moment without prior notice. We will send updates to UnisaGroupsChannel as they are finalized

Be Proactive! Do your research before asking, and help where you can, and drive discussions


Code of Conduct

We will not tolerate :


Groups are not to be joined to invite people to other groups or platforms 

This includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

Basically any action that will result in being added to a different platform. These actions can result in a ban - potentially without prior warning

We do not prohibit you from using Telegram and WhatsApp. Find the WhatsApp groups using different methods (this is the main issue here), not using Telegram.


No spam allowed

Spam in this context will be defined as ANYTHING not directly topic related or not academic. For example:


Speak English only

Your degree is in English. Only Modules where you are learning a different language are excluded from this rule, in the sense that you can also speak the language being learned.

We acknowledge that there are 10 other officially recognised languages in South Africa, but it's universally accepted that English is understood by all.


Academic groups are for academic things

Having discussions about religion, politics, humour, etc in the academic groups will be treated as spam


Breaking the rules


The Admins reserve the right to remove any member at their own discretion


We do not condone the sharing of copyrighted materials and any students doing so are doing it at their own risk


The role of admins


Tutors and Prospective Tutors


Why no WhatsApp

This very community used to be run in WhatsApp, and over time the admins came aware of a few limitations:

With this in mind, the admins decided it is time to make a change. There are ups and downs, Telegram is not perfect. But it sure is a lot better. All these changes took years, and many many hours of work. Thus, by sharing WhatsApp in Telegram, it is not good for the community as a whole.