Tutor Rules

Please note that the rules can change at any moment without prior notice. We will send updates to UnisaGroupsChannel as they are finalized


  • At least an Honours Degree in the relevant field of the modules you wish to tutor
  • Or minimum of a Distinction in the module you wish to tutor with some relevant experience as a tutor or adult training experience

Rules and Code of Conduct for Approved Tutors

  1. Provide free online help to students in the groups, grow your groups and encourage online discussions.
  2. Do not use every opportunity to “sell yourself” – the way you conduct yourself in the groups and the assistance you give in the groups should speak for itself.
  3. You can advertise your services Textbooks and Tutors groups and the module groups where they tutor once every two weeks a Wednesday between 12pm and 5pm. One advertisement per tutor per module group. Do not spam the group for the full period.
  4. Advertisements should not contain any email addresses, contact numbers or website links and pictures – keep it simple and to the point.
  5. Tutors can have the word “Tutor” added to their display name. If you have two accounts, keep one account for your tutor services only and the second account to join module groups that you are enrolled in with UNISA. Do not join module groups with your “Tutor” name that you are not tutoring, to prevent confusion. (SIM Cards are cheap, so it is possible to create two accounts).
  6. Tutors are allowed to have company names and website links in their account descriptions only. WhatsApp links, references to WhatsApp groups are not allowed on Tutor profiles. You must love the Telegram!
  7. Do not lure students to other groups outside of Telegram. You can have separate Telegram groups for your paying students. Do not advertise competing groups on Telegram.
  8. Tutors will conduct themselves in a professional manner and no conflict with admins or other tutors or even with students on the groups will be tolerated.
  9. All of the following offences will result in an immediate ban from all Telegram groups:
    1. Promising students distinctions
    2. exam packs or other materials on the Telegram groups without Unisa permission. Please adhere to the Unisa Copyright Policy.
    3. Promoting your website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter profiles or YouTube channels or supplying any links to groups, websites or other platforms that are not contributing to the tutoring process or undermines the community we have created here on Telegram.
    4. Branding on video solutions, PDFs and pictures are allowed, i.e. company logo. Please refrain from adding personal contact details on the videos, PDFs and picture solutions you post. Do not spam the groups with video solutions.
    5. Never undertake to do a student’s work for them or offering assignment solutions for payment
  10. Ensure that you always encourage students to work on their own and find solutions for themselves. We do not want to make students lazy and spoon feeding is not considered to be in the best interest of the student. Always work towards developing a student’s own abilities and help them to develop the necessary skills to learn on their own. The true role of a tutor is not to provide a student with answers but to teach them how to find the answers for themselves.
  11. A tutor must always be committed to act in the best interest of the students and the Unisa Telegram Groups.
  12. Treat other students, tutors, and admins with respect. Report any misconduct to an admin and it will be handled accordingly.
  13. Make sure that the students have a clear understanding of the role of the tutor here on the Telegram groups.
  14. If you know of anyone who wishes to tutor on the Unisa Telegram Groups, contact an admin through the Bot’s /admin command.
  15. For any queries, complaints, confusion about rules, etc. you can contact the admins through the Bot’s /admin command.
  16. Familiarise yourself with the rules and let us all work together in harmony.
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